Pickleball is a friendly, fun, social game with its popularity overtaking tennis.

    It accommodates all types of players no matter what age, skill or fitness level.

    The game was developed by three dads tired of playing the same old games. They took elements from other racket sports and created pickleball.

    The name comes from two possible sources. The first possibility was because of the amalgamation of different sports it was similar to the rowing term pickleboat. Where left over rowers were put in a boat together called a pickleboat. Secondly, it was possibly named after their dog named Pickles, who loved to chase after the ball.

    The game of Pickleball

    The game can be played indoors or out and is played on a court that is 44’ long & 20’ wide. This is a third the size of a tennis court and similar size to a double’s badminton court.

    The court lines are similar to tennis except for the non-volley zone called the kitchen. This area is closest to the net.


    Minimal equipment is required but it is specific to pickleball.

    Paddles look like oversized ping pong paddles. They can be made of wood, aluminum, graphite or fiberglass and range in price from mid-twenties to hundreds of dollars.

    Balls are plastic and contain 26-40 holes similar to a wiffle ball. Outdoor balls are heavier and tougher with a similar number of holes to allow for quicker travel.

    Shoes, the best shoes for pickleball are court shoes. They must be comfortable, good ankle support, rubber soles and tread patterned (this helps with quick lateral movements).

    Good gripping sport sneakers will work fine but running shoes do not provide enough support & are made for forward motions not lateral motion.

    The club usually provides paddles, balls, nets and has taped pickleball markings on the court for playing the game.



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