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Womens Day House League

Womens Day House League

Welcome all House League Curlers to the 2017\2018 curling season which gets underway for our league on Thursday Oct. 12. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes earlier than usual on the first day so we can have a short information session beginning at 9:00 in the lounge. Your convenors this year are  Lynda Stock lyndamws@hotmail.com (613) 967-7775 and Shirley Best shirleybest57@gmail.com (613) 962-1731.

In this league members sign up individually and are placed on a team by the convenors. They stay together for the first draw, comprised of 7 games, and then are shuffled and placed on new teams for the next and subsequent draws. We have an even number of teams, therefore there will not be any byes. This year we will have 3 draws and your points will be collected for all 3 draws.  Accumulated points for each member will determine placement for the playoffs.

Our league is responsible for the End of Season Lunch.  The Wednesday Team Entry League will be responsible for our Christmas lunch.

We wish to welcome all new curlers to this league and hopefully all players will thoroughly enjoy this 2017-2018 season.  This is an excellent league for good curling, meeting and mixing socially with other women.

Please remember to review your rules of "ready to curl" etiquette (found in the directory).  Also, it is so important to keep the game moving along quickly.   This consideration will enable all our teams to complete 8 ends in the allotted time.

The schedule for the first draw is now available on the website and will be posted on the bulletin board in the ladies locker room. You will also be handed your own copy on the first day.  The vice is responsible for recording your wins or ties on the sheet on the bulletin board. Lynda and Shirley  will be responsible for putting that information onto the website.

We hope you will make good use of the website as it is such an effective means of communication.  However, if you do not like using the internet, please let one of your convenors know and they will be more than happy to keep you updated.  Expect emails from your convenors with league information and check your junk mail or spam in case it gets caught there. Spares can be found at the bottom of this letter and you can also enter your own name as a spare for another league.

The schedule for kitchen duty for each day we curl will also be on the bulletin board, so please check for that and ensure you fulfil your obligation to make coffee and clean-up after our games.

Looking forward to a great season, 

 Lynda and Shirley




Spare List for Women's Day House League

Marg St. John - 613-967-1226 - lead

Jan Simpson - 613-966-3009 - second

Chris Whalen - 613-968-9618 - lead/second

Bunty Follwell - 613-966-9130 - lead/second

Marjorie Hare - 613-962-6709 - lead/second

Susan Rollinson - 613-970-1226 - vice

Joan Mary Tuer - 613-966-9473 - vice/second/lead

Valerie - 613-968-2552 - all

Mary Zadow - 613-969-0285 - all

Debbie Geib - 613-391-8576 - second

Deborah Gale - 613-965-6045 - lead/second

Anne MacDonald - 613-921-9349 after New Years

Bernadette Hymus - 962-7926 - lead

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