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Annual Mixed Skins Bonspiel, January 7th, 2017



Larry Zadow, Mary Zadow, Bob Chick (Skip), Ann Chick


Second Place 


 Christine Mills, Dan Mills, Janet Mathany, Gary van Staalduinen (Skip)


Third Place

Spike Gammon, Penny Smith, MaryAnne Frazee, Bob McPherson (Skip)


Fourth Place

Monique Chapman, Tom Chapman, Nancy Lewis, Pat Healey (Skip)


Our Convenor, Gary Nicoll

A Winning Turkey Shoot Delivery

from Monique Chapman



 A Winning Shot

Turkey Shoot Winners

Kathryn Brown, Ron Coffin, Monique Chapman 



Gift Package Winners
Kim Lander and Christine Mills 


Amica Senior Mixed Bonspiel, December 3, 2016



Bob LaFrance, Penny Smith, John Smith (Skip), MaryAnn Frazee




 Nancy Lewis, Monique Chapman, Tom Chapman, Pat Healey (Skip)



Bel-Con Men's Open Bonspiel, November 25-26, 2016


A Event Champion and Bonspiel Winner

Tom Gunsinger- President of Bel- Con (Presenter), Ken McCulloch - Second, Dave Collyer - Skip, Bill Leitch - Lead, Absent - Bryce Rowe - Vice



A Event Runner-up

Kyle Martin, Thor Parker, Dennis Murray (Skip),Trevor Nemish



B Event Champion

Allan Norton, Kevin Weinreich, Jon Tuer (Skip), absent - Lucas Edwards



B Event Runner-up


Trevor Brewer,  Eddie Pitt,  Mike Collyer, Absent - Ryan Ward (Skip)



Other 2-game winners were the Kyle Ripley and Rick Hutchinson rinks

Daryl Pickard, Rick Hutchison (Skip), Absent - Brett Chisholm and Shane Barnes



C Event Champion

 Jeff Purtelle, Yogi Whattam, Brad Whitteker, Paul Morton



C Event Runner-up

Peter Bennett, Doug Mason, Gary Nicoll (Skip), Rick Helman



Our Convenor, Chris Ripley, Hard at Work



Some of our Junior Members who entered the Spiel

Bob Fellows and Bill Fox



Piano Lessons

I play "Born to be Wild" in the key of G. What about you?




QCC Ladies Cash Spiel, November 19 -20, 2016


A Event Winners

Julie Jarvis, Stephanie Taft, Kerri Lott and Cindy Grills with Sponsor, Dr Bob Bates



B Event Winners

Mary Zadow, Mary Sweet, Liz Bisson, and Sheila Fox



C Event Winners


Lisa Glisky, Karen Genereaux, Chistine Mills and Jen Hutchinson



D Event Winners


Jen Langley, Brenda Moffitt, Heather Brophy and Shirley Reddick, from Richmond


8 Ender


Jen Hutchinson, Karen Genereaux, Lisa Glisky and Christine Mills



Ringmaster Tim

Ringmaster Tim


April 2, 2016 Hamilton Smith Closing Mixed Bonspiel
Thanks also to additional sponsors: Bank of Montreal and Gilmour Meats 

Draw A and Overall Winner

Draw A and Overall Bonspiel Winner - Team Smith
Marlene LaFrance, John Smith, Bob LaFrance, Tammy Mitchell

Draw B Winner

Draw B Winner - Team Traer
Casandra Bailey, Daryl Pickard, Erin Traer, Jerry Traer

door prize drawThe Raffle Winners - prizes presented by John Smith
Julie Rickard, Carol Lowther, Daryl Pickard, Janet Mathany

OCA Intermediate Provincial Banner Presentation on
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at the Quinte Curling Club.

OCA Intermediate Provincial Banner Presentation

Congratulations to Dave Collyer, Bryce Rowe, Ken McCulloch, and Bill Leitch.

February 27, 2016 Bill Riley Memorial Senior Men’s Bonspiel

Sponsored by Verve - The Richmond Retirement Residence

2016 Bill Riley Winners
Overall Points Winner - Al Lowe, Doug Irvine, Dave MacDougall, Dave Burnham

2016 Bill Riley 2nd Place Team
2nd Place - Paul Desormeaux, John Needham, Steve Haug, Jeff Gilmer

2016 Bill Riley Draw A winner
3rd Place - Gary Cound, Dave Brown, Dave Yarrow, Barry Wannamaker

2016 Bill Riley Draw A runner up
4th Place - Ron Hutchinson, Rick Hutchinson, Randy Hutchinson, Glen Kennedy

2016 Richmond Prize Winner
Winners of the Richmond Retirement Residence Blankets - Brian Chadwick, Andy Graham, Steve Eastlake, Ray Snyder


February 20, 2016 Barley Days Sportmen Spiel

Gentlemen, Let the Sportsmen Games Begin!
Let the Games Begin

First Place
1st Place - Scott Parks, Matt Rennick, Jerry Traer, Grant Anstey

Second Place
2nd Place - Ron Burke, Darwin Murphy, Rick Harris, Carl Snutch

3rd Place - Jamie Tracey, Lee Wroblewski, Phil Alkenbrack, Brian Himburg

Chex Ltd Prize Winners
Peter Smith Chev Ltd Prize Winners - Shawn Lucas, Don Kellar, Sandy Beton, Les Vigh

Barley Days
Barley Days!

January 9, 2016 West City Honda Annual Mixed Skins Bonspiel

2016 West City Honda Mixed Skins Winners
Winning Team
 - Pat Healey, Tom Chapman, Monique Chapman, Doreen Healey


2016 Mixed Skins Runner Up
Runner Up - Dave and Kathryn Brown with Denise and Bob Dafoe


2016 West City Honda Mixed Skins Turkey Shoot Winners
Winners of the Turkey Shoot


2015 (November 30) Amica at Quinte Gardens Senior (50+) Mixed Fun Bonspiel

2015 Amica Winners

Winner - John Smith Team 
Trophy presented by Garnet Thompson, Amica at Quinte Gardens Director

2015 Amica 2nd place

2nd Place - Paul Clark Team

2015 Amica 3rd Place

3rd Place - Pat Healey Team

2015 Amica Door Prize

Winner of the Door Prize - Nancy Irvine

2015 Hamilton Smith Bonspiel (Closing Mixed Bonspiel)

Overall Winner 2015 Closing Mixed

Winner: Kate Sheehan – Vice; Jeffrey Clark – skip;  Paul Clark – second; Janice Clark – lead

Other 3-game winner: Rick Barnard rink (Stirling)

Top 2-game winners:
John Smith rink;
Tim Bakonyi rink;
Doug Irvine rink;
Bob McPherson rink.


Thanks to Erin

Closing mixed bonspiel convenors John and Bob present a gift of appreciation to Club Manager Erin


Raffle WinnerRaffle Winner

The Raffle Winners

Clements Chiropractic Ladies Fun Bonspiel
March 7, 2015
Convenor: Debbie Maitland 

2015 Clements Winner 

First draw and Overall winner 
Bev Deacon (skip), Joan Tuer (lead), Mary Ann Frazee (vice), Penny Smith (second).  


2015 Clements Runner Up

Second draw winner and Second place overall 
Leann Selle (skip), Melanie Henry (vice), Terri Selle (second), Mary MacFarlane (lead).
This team came from Pembroke.


2015 Bill Riley Memorial Senior Men's Bonspiel

Winner Team Genereux (NDCC)

First Place - Team Genereux (NDCC)
(left to right) - Doug Pennell, Tom Ayling, Walter Genereux - skip, Paul Sponner

Runner Up

2nd Place - Team McPherson (QCC)
Bob McPherson, Dennis Gould, Spike Gammon, Roger Mills

Third Place Bill Riley Spiel

Third Place - Team Lowther (QCC)
Bill Lowther-Skip, Tom Chapman, Paul Clark, Peter Aker - absent

Peter Aker at work 

Peter Aker (on the right)


 2015 Bill Riley Spiel 4th place

Fourth Place - Team Smith (QCC)  
Bill Fox, Rick Harris, Bob Prystai, John Smith-skip


Sportsmen's Bonspiel - 2015



Winners - Harold Fledderus, Michael Visser, Mike Steiginga, and Rob Wiarda

Second Place

Second Place - Doug Shortt, Mike O'Connell, Eric Serwotka and Neil Rutley


Third Place

Third Place -  Jerry Traer, Matt Rennick, Todd Betteridge and Scott Parkes


Convenors - Spike and Bob


West City Honda 2015 Mixed Skins Bonspiel

Skins Winners 2015

Winners - Cindy Sullivan, Evan Sullivan, Karen Duxbury, Neil Duxbury


2015 Skins Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot Winners - Darwin Hoskin, Lori Wils, Mike Ainsworth

Amica 2014 Mixed Bonspiel

Amica 2014 1st place Bakonyi


Tim Bakonyi, Pauline Bakonyi, Christie Gaudette, Darwin Hoskins

Amica 2014 2nd Smith

 First Runner-Up

John Smith, Nancy Lewis, Marlene Lafrance, (absent Bob Lafrance)

 Amica 2014 Lehtinen

Second Runner-up

Ed Lehtinen, Janet Mathany, Dan Mills, (absent Christine Mills)

Amica 2014 Clark

Third Runner-Up

Bill Lowther, Carol Lowther, Janice Clark, Paul Clark

Amica 2014 Brown

 Fourth Runner-Up

Dave Brown, Kathryn Brown, Bev Deacon, Don Deacon




Bel-Con QCC Men's Open Cash Spiel - November 28-30, 2014

Our Sponsors (420K pdf) 

A-Event Winner
A-Event Winner - Bryce Rowe (Napanee) Team UrbanQuest.com

A-Event Runner-Up
A-Event Runner-Up - Dave Collyer (QCC) Team Meta Vocational Services 

B-Event Winner
B-Event Winner - Randy Hutchinson (QCC) Team Amer Sports Canada

B-Event Runner-Up
B-Event Runner-Up - Kelly Freitag (QCC) -Team Sidney Inn Carpet One



The Closing Mixed Bonspiel 2014 winners


L to R:  Rod and Susan Clarke, Donna and Darwin Hoskin


The Clements Chiropractic Ladies

Fun Bonspiel  Results

First place overall:  Suzanne Wortman's team - with Lynda Stock, Hazel Garrow and Janet Top

Second place:  Marlene LaFrance's team - with Tammy Mitchell, Maxine Trudeau and Marla Beckett


2014 Bill Riley Senior Men's Bonspiel


 L - R:  Bruce Tollefson, Skip Al Lowe, Doug Irvine, Neil Fincham



1st Runner Up - Team Fellows

L - R:  Ron Hutchinson, Bill Hipwell, Gary Nicholl, Bob Fellows


2nd Runner Up

L - R:  Bob McPherson, Dennis Gould, Spike Gammon, Al Pankhurst, Don Reidel




2014 West City Honda Skins Bonspiel


Bonspiel Winners

Turkey Winners


Suzanne Wortman (Sponsor),

Joan Tuer, Tony Picard, Cathy Lowe, Al Lowe

Marla Beckett,

Jacques Calmes, Janice Clark


One of the Friendliest Teams

Another Friendly Team

Jacques Calmes, Carla Calmes,
Tanya Visockis-Izzotti, Paul Izzotti

Robert Taylor, Leona Towers,
Julie McKellar, Bill McKellar



Our Convenor (Dave Clarke)
Shooting for a turkey

What Month is That Again?




2013 Investor's Group Men's Bonspiel

A Champions

A Runner Up

A Champions A Runner Up

Second - Rob Dickson, Lead - Scott Dickson,
Event Sponsor Neil Rutley,
Skip - Bryce Rowe,
Vice - Ryan Rowe

 Skip - Randy Hutchinson, Vice - Ron Meeks, Second - Pete Aker,
Absent - Les Martin

B Champions

B Runner Up

B Champions B Runner Up
Second -  Scott Chadwick, Vice - Jonathan Beuk,
Skip - Don Boswer, Lead - Matt Mills
 Team Balachorek
 Convenor Jon Tuer with main sponsor Neil Rutley of Investor's Group  

The sponsors of the Investor's Group Men's Bonspiel are listed here.



2013 Hamilton-Smith Closing Mixed Bonspiel

First Place

Second Place

Team Bakonyi Team Smith

Tim Bakonyi, Pauline Bakonyi,

Jim Stapley, Lynn Stapley

Tammy Mitchell, Bob LaFrance, John Smith

(Absent Marlene LaFrance)


Third Place

Fourth Place


Team Barnard

Team Lowther

Kelly Barnard, Gail Parker,

Jim Parker, Rick Barnard

Bill Lowther, Carole Lowther,

Janice Clark, Paul Clark


Fifth Place

Fifth Place

Team Wilson Team Yarrow

Debbie Wilson, Diana Kiss,

Peter Kiss, Jim Wilson

Rod Clarke, Debbie Maitland,

Susan Clarke, Dave Yarrow




2013 Clements Chiropractic Ladies Funspiel


Draw 1 Winners

Draw 2 Winners

Tammy Mitchell, Marlene Lafrance, 

Tammy  Comeau, Brenda Mason

Darcy McCallum, Marla Brooks, Lynda Stock,

Pat D'Hondt, Maxine Trudeau





2013 Bill Riley Senior Men's Bonspiel

March 2, 2013


Winners Runners Up


Runners Up

Bill Riley (Presenter), Gary Cound, Bill Tripp

Jacques Calmes, Barry Wannamaker  

Wally Uhrynuk, Doug Irvine

Ron Coffin, Gene Manderville 





2013 Woodland Cleaners Mixed Skins Bonspiel


First Place

Second Place

Dave Clarke (Presenter), Doug Irvine,

Nancy Irvine, Carol McBrien, Lee McBrien

Dave Clarke, Penny Clarke,

Susan Clarke, Rod Clarke


Third Place

Fourth Place

Bob Chick, Ann Chick,

Lorna VanBridger, Dave VanBridger

Bill Tripp, Maureen Tripp,

Nancy Lewis, Tim Barnes



Turkey Shoot Winners

Tony Picard and Jacques Calmes

Carol & Joan




2013 QCC Ladies Bonspiel

2013 Runners Up

2013 Winners - Team Janice Clark

2013 Runners Up - Team Sharon Leitch

Nancy Irvine, Janice Clark, Susan Clarke, Penny Smith 

Sharon Leitch, June Doxtator, Maureen Tripp, Bonnie Sullivan

Click here for Bonspiel Results



2012 Swing and Sweep

High 2 Game Winner Second High 2 Game Winner
High 2 Game Winner
High 1 Game Winner Dave Brown – Convenor
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